Nima 2 in 1 Electric Grinder & Blender


Nima 2 in 1 Electric Grinder & BlenderNima 2 in 1 Electric Blender (Grinder & Juicer)- Silver
Powerful and versatile, the Nima electric blender is a two-in-one juicer and grinder with two different cups. Solidly built, & high-speed blades.
Make a smoothie, sherbet, puree, and latte. It will blend everything perfectly even something as stubborn as spinach without any trace or lumps. Its top-notch blending quality will surpass your expectations.
The powerful motor can effortlessly crush ice. It will break down the fruits and nuts without compromising the quality.
Product Features:
The blender pitcher and grinder cup are easy to clean and the perfect size. You can rinse the blades thoroughly and dry the cups.
The blender has 500ml of Juice jars and a 50G Bowl for grinding.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Is it easy to operate and clean? – Nima Blender and Grinder have removable blades which makes them super easy to clean. If you want, you can use a brush to clean it.
Can you mincemeat with this? – No. You can grind any type of dry spices, coffee, etc. with the grinder and juice fruits and vegetables with the juicer.
How many servings can it make in one go? – The blender cup is ideal for individual servings. You can save a lot of waste and be calculative about the quantity.
Country of origin? – Made in China
Package Included:
1 x Nima 2 in 1 Electric Blender

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